Quietly we dwell in our secret places And carry on nameless, Forbidden from likeness, And then a branch falls to the meadow below, Bursting into multifarious little pieces, Complex and diversified, Each bearing a misshapen face With eyes desperately gasping for something lovely again, Or at least stable and unshifting and without pain. Mouths have crumbled into serrated grimaces That do not speak. They must number in the millions now, Whirling, bobbing and cracking

Black rain…

Black rain,  Thy redemption hearkens near. Through withered toils  And misbegotten beginnings  Thy promise of absolution  Will soon set upon  These wasted fruits,  And carry them to grace. Art: “The Funeral”  Édouard Manet #Manet #art #Artwork #dirge #Elegy #poetry #poem #Artist #Poet

A white stone tumbles slowly…

A white stone tumbles slowly Along a deserted beachside While a fair mist takes flight in the distance, Carrying with it spirited melodies And conversations that drew circles On walls eroded by legions of Chapped hands grasping at A frayed baton perpetually in retreat. Here, a star is planted on fertile ground And watered with the blood Of youthful impetus and memories of home Become remote as the gentle crow Perched atop a lonely buoy Prostrate in eternal supplic

Light: An Elegy

A light shimmers in the fore, Joined by the hand Of song and rhythm And lambent dances Along a moonlit creek in repose. What does it see Beyond this specter Of jaded spirits And world-weary migrations To parts hitherto untold That beckons its uncompromising smile? From whence does its melody arise That it traverses so calmly Through dimensions and landscapes Hitherto unseen? When will a world Left in silent agony Learn its dance And free itself from These wind

For thou wert still the poor man’s stay…

For thou wert still the poor man’s stay, The poor man’s heart, The poor man’s hand; And all the oppressed, Who wanted strength, Had thine at their command. -Excerpt from “Rob Roy’s Grave” (Memorials of a Tour in Scotland) William Wordsworth, 1803 Photo by Bart Hanneke, 2007 #WilliamWordsworth #ScottishHistory #Elegy #Scotland #MemorialsofaTourinScotland #poetry #poem #ScottishHeritage #RobRoy #Poet