Sweet Resignation

Sweet resignation, And all that needed to be said Funneled into my chest With a touch of liquid resentment. Joy calls out beyond the edifice Of vain thoughts. Weltschmerz is a boiling stream that Runs through the swarthy Steppes of frozen sky. Name one reason to Sing the tunes of rats and Transform them into fairies, And I will give you my words, Followed by my darkened vision. Losing earth is a lot like Making love unbalanced, Jolts of fire and recompense In

Unguided Howls…

Unguided howls Unsteady drift; Splashes of Dusky gray Overcome By intermittent Darkness; In due moments Passions will be swept Heedlessly back to their Distant forbears Where primordial Forgetfulness Awaits Unglued And a final reckoning of Every muster brought To account. The sun may rise But its rays will be blue Just in time for devotion. Art: “Blown Away”  Winslow Homer #WinslowHomer #art #AmericanArt #Realism #Artwork #poetry #poem #Artist #Poet

A tuft of brisk air…

A tuft of brisk air, Unglued and pressed In every direction; Kneaded across this lonely slate With naive paws Given to groping about These dampened walls With nary a method or skill. And lo, the guards have taken post, And have presided over forms That seldom change But resist transfixion. Breathe with silent flames And this slate comes alive, And becomes your home again. Art: “Mater Bedroom” Andrew Wyeth #art #AmericanArt #AmericanRealism #Realism #Artwork #po

The Lane

…Where one minute drifts forward, The other behind me, Another to my side. They extend and retract, Bending crosswise and releasing. An infinity of them, perpetually shifting, Reacting, building, weaving steadily Along this well-worn path, Searching for a beginning. Art: “A Lane of Plane Trees” Jean-François Raffaëlli #art #painting #Realism #JeanFrançoisRaffaëlli #poetry #20thCenturyArt #poem #FrenchRealism #NaturePoem