An Anniversary Reflection on my Coast Guard Service and Lifetime Commitment to Core Values: Honor, R

Taking oath of enlistment on Tuesday, April 17th, 2001 Greetings everyone and Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone is doing well. In light of the immense significance this present day holds for me; i.e. the 17th anniversary of my enlistment into military service, I have decided to share some reflections on my time in service and how my mental health advocacy journey has been informed by it. I hope you find some measure of inspiration in the read. Enjoy. You know, in recent weeks I ha

A Tale of Two Geniuses: A Personal Reflection on the Nature of Genius and the Human Condition

Nathan Rockwell Haselbauer Professor Stephen Hawking Hi friends, Seems that Synchronicity has stricken once again. Several days ago I had been planning to write a post about genius. And, voila! One of the world’s foremost geniuses in history has just ascended into the celestial realm. Regarding the concept itself, though, I wanted to explore the essential nature of genius and the way in which it tends to find manifestation in the realm of externality. My working interpretatio


All that torment has loved has disappeared, and we remain hopeful. The significance of her efforts have not gone unnoticed; indeed, they have recapitulated old victories and insights that had been hitherto obscured by notions unseen and ideations to come. We rally together for a promise of worlds to be And fully satiate our desire for sanity by committing to novel patterns of doing and breathing deeper and more profound as if the air we knew all along turned in on i

Anatomy of a Tear

Formless and inconstant paths, weighted roots with no foundation; whence does it arise but from a disjointed countenance with no proportion, or a leaf from a broken branch? Dust in the fields, sunless clouds in aimless procession, breathless winds and incorporeal birds that have forgotten their wings; the water’s edge no longer beckons. The once gentle and complaisant calf limps away in fear along a scabrous meadow that has turned in unto itself, where the borders

Flash of the Crow

These eyes have laid bare A tendency to drift Among currents of Impalpable impressions of thought, Wherein only the wither’d vestiges Of youthful wings doth abound, Now intermittently aflutter To the last plainchant of the grave warden Resolutely resigned to his own extinction: ——————————— A solitary wind meanders on, Too noble for stagnation, But too humble for forgiveness. Every color is uprooted and scattered Along this serpentine path, Until usurped by velvet


Startled by the shrill cries of feathered sable-winged imps, I awaken. I stumble with purpose to the bathroom, turn on the faucet, allowing the stark cold deluge of life to overtop my cupped hands. Perched over the sink like a sordid mendicant in the throes of his final prostration, I am momentarily transfixed by the effortless and inconstant swishing and swirling, movement upon movement, all manner of transparent, tenuous being turning back on itself. Just as soon as it is t