A Brief Open Letter to Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson (Originally published March 2013 in response to the fallout from his infamous National Prayer breakfast speech): Dear Dr. Carson, As a moderate progressive, I disagree with much of your social and political perspective, but your personal story and prodigious achievements in medicine are nonetheless inspiring. I agree that everyone would do well to foster productive discussion without venturing into disparaging and accusatory rhetoric. That said, I do believe yo

Thankful for Modernity. Hopeful About the Future.

This is quite possibly the coolest site I’ve managed to stumble across in a while. Hours and hours of fascinating reading for the curious futurist in all of us. Out of all the periods in human history to have been alive, to be a part of a generation witness to this stage of modernity and all of its developments strikes me as a privilege. http://www.futuretimeline.net/index.htm The predictions in this mammoth compilation are based on present trends in medicine, physics, techno