An Anniversary Reflection on my Coast Guard Service and Lifetime Commitment to Core Values: Honor, R

Taking oath of enlistment on Tuesday, April 17th, 2001 Greetings everyone and Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone is doing well. In light of the immense significance this present day holds for me; i.e. the 17th anniversary of my enlistment into military service, I have decided to share some reflections on my time in service and how my mental health advocacy journey has been informed by it. I hope you find some measure of inspiration in the read. Enjoy. You know, in recent weeks I ha

Thankful for Modernity. Hopeful About the Future.

This is quite possibly the coolest site I’ve managed to stumble across in a while. Hours and hours of fascinating reading for the curious futurist in all of us. Out of all the periods in human history to have been alive, to be a part of a generation witness to this stage of modernity and all of its developments strikes me as a privilege. The predictions in this mammoth compilation are based on present trends in medicine, physics, techno