Teach me…

Teach me Stillness. Teach me Primordial hope. Teach me blindness So that wayward eyes Pierce the shrouds Of everything that Endures. Teach My breath to become As a wave turned Upon itself as It seeks confirmation Through threshold seeking Tones of nascent glass. Teach this light to Speak the language of The wayfarer’s lament. Digest its symbolism And learn its journey Through each new Shade of meaning. Teach the night To believe again. Art: “Moonlight,


Somewhere in the recesses of wayward thoughts I approach the intersection where the Cafe of Remembrances once stood. I drink the last of its vestiges and Beckon the street for a toast, To ends and to beginnings and to the Place where the nocturnes took repose Just below voluptuous bosoms flush with Smoke and light. Art: “Queensboro Bridge” Julian Alden Weir #nocturne #tonalism #poetry #impressionism #queensborobridge #JulianAldenWeir