• Marcel Wormsley

A Spindle Emerges…


A spindle emerges And worlds retreat into unknowing On all sides. The vortex has been reborn And it figures into the life of spaces Turgid with the fallen heroes of reminiscence And motion inflamed.

And around it goes, Taking time with it and dissolving it Into hollow particles that move along Slightly curved corridors One by one, after a fashion. And blackened thoughts Begin to coalesce.

The corridors straighten out And empty into vacuums of potential being Sealed by a single, winding thread of excess darkness Occasionally punctuated by iridescent Moments of awareness. Clarity happens best when edges are Seared and smoothed out,

Connected by the wings of galactic angels And cosmic vagabonds that sprint in every direction. Tonight they will all break free And be seen no more. The vortex will be shattered and consumed, Spaces will bend until collapse, But memories will resume, fully-realized, on all sides.

Art: “Constellation: The Migratory Bird” Joan Miró

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