• Marcel Wormsley

A stillness suffices for the moment…


A stillness suffices for the moment While I rescind all restraint. Faint persuasions are moved to the back of my throat Allowing me to divine paths Of supple remembrances With residual breath.

I weep as the lowly violin excretes A labdanum of succulent grace unsought That trickles down the painted sleeves Of a golden horse’s caftan Circling its trembling leg As a new healing heralds A remorseless search For justification.

It won’t reach the floor But will daily emerge at the edge, and dry up. And the will to believe will linger On a thickened tongue Unable to move. I may sojourn here Without so much as a sip, While the horse falls asleep.

When the violin shutters, Say nothing, But feel the anointment Gracing its head. Then course the unctuous string With gentle fingers Until you feel the impression Of a distant pulse.

Art: “Morning Prayer” Chen Yifei

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