• Marcel Wormsley

And then there came…


And then there came The remembrance of her gaze, And how it once blossomed into A panoply of flames Enveloping strands of night That had begun to Creep and settle As fine dust Along the estuary

Where our desires Took rest in the other’s arms But dared not dream, Lest they give rise to Fallen motifs and familiar whispers And faded letters penned During Falstaffian winters

When your affection Diligently counted the ashes That was once my heart And scattered them, Speck by speck, Into waters that never knew passion.

But oh upon this maiden’s hand Do I commend This decaying memory Of restless brushes along my arm And gentle bouts of laughter ‘Neath the trellis At water’s end;

Of her glow that writes Well into the night Tracing the spheres As they dare to appear.

Art: “Identity” Chieko Inui

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