• Marcel Wormsley

And There I Stood…


And there I stood at the threshold of infinity, wondering when the tides would cease to swerve, when the moon would turn to face me and weep,

when the lighthouse would become darkened by the sempiternal emptiness of unanswered questions. And then I chose a star to hold, to cherish and protect as the path takes on new direction. I speak to a destiny that radiates possibility, that dissipates the tribulations of yore and casts them into the pond where I once thought the answers awaited me. And here I sing robust melodies bejeweled with red stones, warm and smooth to the touch, filled with a luscious silence, a knowing. The future reveals an exploding genesis, its particulates raining upon my head down my face, attached to my song, christened by the scintillations

emanating from my bosom.

Art: “Blue” Wassily Kandinsky

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