• Marcel Wormsley

Generally speaking…

Generally speaking, The reasons are self-evident, And multiplied with each passing day.

And days become the subjects of Dreams parceled out to eternal possibility. And we go back to see the stuff of them,

And are startled. But persistence gnaws at the Gown of the witness who

Braves the fearsome phantasm Of uncertainty and merges into it, As the droplet into the depths of a luminous pond.

Tomorrow we will become As baby eagles verging On the precipice of hopes.

We will launch into multitudinous corridors And emerge with shifting traces of glory And affection on our wings.

Lest we become disoriented, The illumination of translucent hearts will Guide us through reasons hitherto unseen

But lived out through purpose, Reified through reflection, Embraced by trembling arms that do not seek to know,

But to feel, presently.

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