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Growth Happens When…

Growth Happens When...

Growth happens when Many shadows collide at once, And the air begins to quiver; When the fifth Sun arises From his slumber And makes sweet love to A distant ocean;

When somewhere along the periphery Of these jagged cliffs A bishop lies in the sand, Smiling and remembering, And chanting to the seagulls;

When I happened upon A weather-worn seashell Bearing exotic fruits, And I palpated her seductive edges, But did not eat;

When the webbed gossamer Donned a spare petticoat And began to fly, ‘Ere the moment I decided To pray for the first and last time;

When I suffocated myself In this coarse, directionless frock In whose skin you might find Some of the eternal answers And the questions that impregnated them;

When I came home to a striking array Of pastel-colored houses with no windows, Overgrown gardens with no flowers, And sinuous dusty streets Endlessly teeming with decrepit cafes Emanating sounds of droll laughter From patrons with no bodies;

When I severed my heart, Dividing it equally into A thousand twitching little pieces, And fed them to the pigeons.

Art: “Chiretsusei Katsusemba” Kazuo Shiraga

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