• Marcel Wormsley

Look Away…

Look Away...

Look away, And in time you will see them. They persist As little droplets of unrequited passion, Given to merciful hands That excise all relation to thought. In this moment Allow your truth to reveal its scars; Let them dry and close up. Let them cry at will. Let them stare back at you Until you are moved And incapacitated. There is no wind here to carry you. There are no shadows to cajole you. Run, then sleep. If you awaken early, run again. Forget your futures. Burrow jagged paths That radiate from those barren pastures Where your heart used to be. Face them on all sides And explore each With diligence and abandon. In time you will be startled by a whisper. They will have remembered your name. And you will look back, And you will see them.

Art: “Woodland with Coppice” (Brushwood) Vincent van Gogh

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