• Marcel Wormsley

Mistress of Emptiness…

Mistress of Emptiness...

Mistress of emptiness, Scented with lush uncertainty. Tacit receptiveness, Cloaked in subtle apathy. Words unspoken are closer than they appear, Lost sentiments closer still.

Embers slowly subside into Walls dulled by shadowy gazes Too tired to frolick to the Pace of disjointed mazurkas.

The lips tremble slowly at the Piquant savor of soft cherries Saturated with the dense nectar of Suppressed desire

(As they are wont to do)

Until what remains


Embalms The hope of this, our final night of Gratuitous liaison… Don’t weep until sunrise, love. Preserve your honeyed silk for Future embraces in another room, In another world,

Where secrets will neither hear nor see.

Art: “Room in New York” Edward Hopper

#RoominNewYork #art #AmericanRealism #poetry #poem #EdwardHopper

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