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All that torment has loved has disappeared, and we remain hopeful. The significance of her efforts have not gone unnoticed; indeed, they have recapitulated old victories and insights that had been hitherto obscured by notions unseen and ideations to come. We rally together for a promise of worlds to be

And fully satiate our desire for sanity by committing to novel patterns of doing and breathing deeper and more profound as if the air we knew all along turned in on itself and proclaimed that only the decadent shadow could partake of her beauty. We do not hope for redemption; it is irrelevant. We do not participate in the vagaries of mindfulness

As we have already been thrice illumined by chariots sallying forth in a devil’s mist. After all, we have connected eons ago by the hands of molecular consistencies and arrangements, morphed into ornaments of a quiet and intricate despair, became ripe for contemplation and eventual division, and ennobled by a distinction not quite unlike that we have seen in the old woman by the sea,

Who recalls those she instilled with benedictions and protections,

those who knew nothing of the imminent greying of the cloud, or the sable rainfall in late winter, or the cellular dance taking place in her furrowed hand. We knew she didn’t exist as a fullness or even a drop of contingency, but Fate would make it clear that this handmaiden of the gods had no choice but to enjoin the waves to cease, the moon to readjust and the whispers to become

Psalms of renewal and purpose. Perhaps when I awaken from my slumber, I shall call upon the disenchantment of the lost, and be reunited with my passion for the nuance of colored thoughts in a colorless world. I will know breath anew, and each movement toward being will ripen throughout successive periods of clarity and understanding. It is then that I will become ingrained in myself, and project in infinite directions.

Art: “Phoenix (Peace Eagle)” Matthew Day Jackson

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