• Marcel Wormsley

Run from truth…

Run from truth...

Run from truth. Penetrate uncertainty With equal measure Of fear and trembling. These sultry springs want to listen; Typically, they are the last to be forsaken. Enter into the chalice of abandoned wonderment And cast this broken flower amid the ruins.

You will remember the limp crow That strained to bid you good night, And the brief turbulence That gave multiple births To illusions of villages Unaware of the frowning circle Patiently waiting to devour them.

And digest them, Whole, Until each villager turns in upon himself, And cowers in desolation. His heart will be there for the borrowing, For lusty hands to fill A hatchet-shaped hole in the ventricle, That it may smile again, Restlessly perhaps.

Truth sits in a wretched dacha Just beyond this darkness, Sipping on lukewarm tea Punctuated with sweet bits of brimstone.

A black feather courses in the window, Searching for nothing. A piece of leafless stalk binds it from the rear, And keeps it from blowing away For now.

Art: “Impression on Franz Schubert’s ‘Die Winterreise'” By the exceptionally talented Anna Pronskaya

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