• Marcel Wormsley

The moon scarcely remembers the night…


The moon scarcely remembers the night When the valley wept for once And dissolved into fragments of Supple guilt and free-roaming sorrow.

The next tide impresses with shades of Forced introspection, Of enslaved moths and the incumbent flame. Knowing becomes obsolete

When the final disposition awakens And the lessons of yore are rewritten In translucent blood. Save me, Oh Specter of impending

Timelessness, from the clash of Hope and Doom, From which eventide will surely erect A fortress so noble that this legion of

Unblinking twilight will disrobe and entreat for mercy, And the warlocks will follow suit As they prepare to be ravished by Fallen angels with wings usurped by

Undulating visions of tomorrow.

Art: “Sunset at Etretat” George Inness

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