• Marcel Wormsley

There are Many Mirrors Here…

There are Many Mirrors Here...

There are many mirrors here, But none so translucent As the one I turned away from Moons and stars and galaxies ago, When your possibility entered my awareness

And the dark corners that dutifully inhabit your space Culminated into many precipices, Each one beckoning me to leap Into this sea that churns with unknowing- Head unbowed, arms outstretched, hands trembling

As I clutch this mirror tightly; yes, the one I made for you, Moons and stars and galaxies ago, Now cracked in many places and blurred by the constant gale of Moments perpetually come and gone In this happy continuum of

Nothingness and light. Before I take flight, it must be shattered And cast into the sea, And each piece will bear the faintest of illuminations Until fully dissolved.

I will latch on to one, And let it guide me home Until it too becomes another moment, Another memory weaved into This vast wreath of possibilities both already realized and yet to be.

If I arrive not, Remember not my failed journey, But cherish the light that became its beginning, And connect it with others Until the circle is complete.

Art: “Gilded Wings” Steven DaLuz

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